Snopak the ultimate Snowboard and ski bag!

It’s designed to be used in the up-right position.


Price:$158.49 USD




Snopak Equipment bag



Padded snowboard and ski bag with wheels fits size 153 cm - 160 cm board. Carry and store all your gear in one bag: board, helmet, and boots with pockets for everything else.

The ultimate Snowboard and ski bag is the way to carry your gear on trips. Protect your gear from wear and tear, put it in the bag and it will stand up all season long. The perfect storage system to keep your gear organized and protected.


Ultimate by design


The Snopak travel bag is a versatile snowboard and ski equipment bag. Carry all of your snowboard gear including  your snowboard, boots, helmet, gloves, goggles, snow-pants, jacket and more!  Also comes with additional pockets on the  sides for carrying all of your extra supplies on trips! Size and colour available Snopak comes in black with grey interior it can hold both skis and snowboards in a variety of different sizes starting from 153cm to 160cm. International Shipping Please contact us for shipping prices outside of North America.

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